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Company Sales Incentive Award Programs

If you were simply an employee at a company, what type of company sales award program would make you work even harder to meet your sales goals? For many employees, the answer will probably be the freedom to choose an award. At Point Recognition, our unique company sales incentive reward program is designed to give your employees this option and at a price that is up to 40 percent less than other reward programs.

Sales Incentive Award Programs

Getting your staff excited about their jobs can be difficult at times. Company sales incentive programs are sometimes used and with terrific results. Sales reward programs are a terrific motivator and at Point Recognition, we make it easy for you and your employees. Our program works like this:

  • You determine who will be receiving an award.
  • You decide how much you want to invest in a reward.
  • Your employee is awarded points for the amount of the award.
  • Your employee can then choose products or merchandise he or she desires up to one’s current point level.
  • You can also have an award shipped directly to your company and give out the award in that manner.

Our rewards portal is a truly impressive part of our programs. This interactive employee engagement tool is for your employees to recognize the efforts of their co-workers. You will be surprised how many employees enjoy helping others get recognized for their work. With our portal for your company sales award program, your employees don’t have to wait for a yearly banquet or monthly department meeting in order to recognize someone’s excellent work.

There are many other benefits to Point Recognition’s company sales incentive reward program. You don’t have to pay set-up fees. You also don’t have to pay for any maintenance fees. Your customer support, shipping, administration and more are free. You pay a small amount for the points your employee receives and for his or her award in this type of award program.

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