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Point Recognition Company Service Incentive Programs

Are you ready to see less turnover and really drive your business forward? Have you considered company service reward programs? Engaging and investing in your employees with rewards and incentives is a key factor in taking hold in the marketplace by creating a solid workforce. Point Recognition offers multiple company service incentive programs to find the best fit for your corporation.

Award Programs That Work!

In the past, company award programs were simply brochures printed and distributed with a few prizes to choose from, and they quickly ran out of stock. With Point Recognition’s online company service award programs, the system is easy to work with and offers rewards as quick as can be!

  • Personalized System – Your designated Point Recognition team manager will help design a web portal that gives your employees easy access to a selection of rewards, curated by the manager.
  • Real Time Management – Your service award program offers more than accurate product listings online; using the Point Recognition system managers can also monitor employee performance and interaction through integrated systems.
  • Low Costs, Big Savings – We promise there are no start-up fees, no early termination contract fees and best of all – our products are listed at up to 40 percent less than our competitors. Expressing gratitude to your employees with incentive reward programs shouldn’t break the company bank.
  • Flexibility – Your investment dollars are turned into points and the award recipient has the ability to choose any reward within his or her point range (or save them up for something later!).

Instill a sense of pride and achievement into the culture of your company by rewarding those who really stand out.

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