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Point Recognition Corporate Peer-to-Peer Incentive Reward Program

It is a known fact that companies that recognize and outwardly reward their employees have much higher employee satisfaction and retention rates. While recognition from your boss is always well received, many employees are now showing great response to a corporate peer-to-peer reward system. Appreciation goes a long way no matter where it’s coming from. With a corporate peer-to-peer incentive reward program in your company, you empower your employees, and at the same time allow them to encourage others.

Improving Company Relations with Every Reward

  • Immediate Response — Many company rewards of the past focus on general satisfaction but today’s worker wants instant recognition. With Point Recognition on-the-spot corporate peer-to-peer reward system, your workers are given a boost of confidence that is sure to drive results even higher.
  • Valuable Insight — As an employer with corporate peer incentive programs, you also gain feedback on your remote work force from the ways in which they recognize one another. As an administrator, you can view the results of each employee as well as manage the budgets available for incentives.
  • All-in-One — Our peer-to-peer incentive programs are easy to align with other incentive programs that you may wish to incorporate in your workplace through the online portal.
  • Money Saving — Not only are our name brand products sold at rates up to 40 percent less than our competitors, on top of that, our programs do not require any start-up fees or contract fees!

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Our programs are completely customizable to your needs. Investing in a corporate peer-to-peer incentive reward program doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. Just give us a call and let’s start building a program that fits your company profile and budget. See how peer-to-peer reward programs can build better relationships and improve the culture of your company today!

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