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Corporate Service Incentive Award Programs

Our Corporate Service Reward Programs

Years ago employees felt appreciated in their daily work through the little things: a handshake from the boss or a pat-on-the-back. These days there are much more meaningful ways to reward your hard-working employees through corporate service reward programs. With Point Recognition you can customize your corporate service incentive programs to grant recognition to your workforce without going over your budget.

The New Way to Say “Thanks”

If you have ever worked with another corporate service incentive award program in the past or this is your first time looking into the idea, you will be pleasantly surprised with Point Recognition.

  • Updated Program – Corporate award programs used to be organized with a company specific brochure offering options that were often out of stock or out-of-date. With Point Recognition incentive reward programs, we link you to an online portal, ran in real time.
  • Budget Friendly – Our costs are based on what you want to offer and what you decided to give. With free set-up and a savings of up to 40 percent on merchandise compared to our competitors, we know we’ve got a solution for you.
  • Points System – The dollar amounts allocated to each employee through the service award program are turned into a point system allowing recipients to pick and choose the rewards they want.
  • Personal Accounts – Your employees even have the option to accumulate and save points from the corporate service incentive award program. This allows them to opportunity to combine multiple “job-well-done” moments for a greater reward in the future.

Roll Out Those Incentives

When your employees impress you, be prepared to impress them right back with one of our corporate service incentive programs. Find out more about the support and guidance you get when enrolling in our corporate service reward programs. We are ready to answer all your questions about options, coverage, billing or anything else you might be concerned about. Contact us today!

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