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Incentive Reward Programs For Retirement Awards

Rewarding Loyalty and Performance with Incentive Reward Programs for Retirement

At Point Recognition, we know that companies want to show their appreciation for outstanding work throughout their employees’ tenure. That’s why we offer rewards programs to help you send off your employees in style when they retire.

We help companies develop programs for retirement awards to recognize and reward employees who have made an important contribution to the organization. With our points-based programs, employees can select from different levels of rewards based on length of time with the company, position and/or accomplishments.

Choose the Reward Programs for Retirement That Fits Your Budget

You don’t need to have a large budget to develop a professional incentive reward programs for retirement that represents your company well and makes your retiring employees feel appreciated. You select the gifts from which your employees can choose.

We offer incentive for retirement rewards at all different price points. Because we partner with a number of online retailers, we’re able to offer our clients products at up to 40 percent discounts. You can choose traditional retirement rewards that include your logo as well as gifts to fit any employee’s interests and lifestyle.

Unlike brochure-based rewards programs, an online program allows you to change your selection of rewards any time, based on employee feedback, budget and selection.

Easy-to-Use Incentive Programs for Retirement Awards

We design an easy-to-navigate website with your logo, branding and message. Employees simply log on to see the selection of available awards from which to choose based on the number of points they have. Online ordering is quick and easy. We also offer your employees:

  • A toll-free number staffed by friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives to answer questions
  • Free shipping of their award
  • Fast delivery (within 3 to 5 days)

Contact Us Today to Set Up Your Incentive Reward Program for Retirement and More

If you’re interested in developing a rewards program for your retiring employees or any other type of sales, service or performance incentive programs, give us a call. One of our program coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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