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Incentive Reward Programs For Sales

It can be a challenge to energize a sales team, but one way to do so is implement programs for sales awards. These types of reward programs for sales representatives – if they are the right programs – can truly help your sales employees reach their full potential. The key is to have incentive reward programs for sales that give your employees something they really want. At Point Recognition, we have this type of exceptional program.

Incentive Programs for Sales

Remember when an award was a plaque or something similar? Today, employees need more. They need the freedom to choose their own award. Our incentive reward programs for sales allows your employees to choose from millions of products and merchandise. You aren’t simply limited to the few products that can appear in a brochure or a catalog. As an extra bonus, at Point Recognition, you don’t have to pay a set-up or maintenance fee, either!

We have many incentive programs for sales and for other departments, too. Consider our award program for:

  • Safety awards
  • Attendance
  • Outstanding achievement
  • Co-worker recognition awards

Our incentive for sales awards works like this:

  • Point Recognition will work with your company’s IT department to establish a direct FTP connection.
  • Your employees will receive an email that contains their login information.
  • You determine how many points your employees receive by determining how much you want to spend on their awards.
  • Employees can then access our portal while staying connected with their co-workers.
  • You can easily integrate the portal with our reward redemption site.

It’s that simple. You can also handle the awards internally if you so desire. The freedom that Point Recognition gives you and your employees is what sets us apart from many other reward programs.

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