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Small Business Incentive Employee Reward Programs

Employees who have an incentive or reward to work toward are often more productive. Small business incentive reward programs can really help push your employees to work harder. At Point Recognition, we know that today’s employees want more than just a brochure filled with a few pieces of merchandise that they can win. They want more selection in their incentive rewards system. We give you that flexibility and your employees will be excited about their employee rewards system from Point Recognition.

Small Business Employee Reward Program

We have millions of brand name award options that your employees can choose from. The employee collects points towards these items. When he or she reaches a level that has an incentive or award in it that he or she wants, it’s simply a matter of cashing in those points. Point Recognition’s easy-to-use program is designed for small business incentive programs to those for corporations. Here are some of the benefits that your small business will enjoy:

  • Up to 40 percent lower award costs
  • Online program without catalogs
  • Fast shipping
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customer service support
  • Free set-up
  • No contracts

Employers can also choose to award gift cards or employees can use their points to get gift cards to their favorite retailers. We know that small business incentive reward programs need to have flexibility in order to get all of your employees excited and ready to reach those awards.

You choose the number of points and those points turn into rewards for your employees. This simple strategy will save you time and money and allow your employees to redeem points for merchandise they really want in your program for small business employee rewards.

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