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Small Business Service Incentive Award Programs

The Small Business Service Incentive Award Program

By enrolling your company in the Point Recognition small business service reward programs, you will see much more benefit than you expect. With incentive reward programs you not only let your employees know that you appreciate them, but also improve your employee satisfaction and retention rates.

The Point Recognition Difference

We pride ourselves in standing out among other small business service incentive programs.

  • Low Cost – In addition to not requiring a start up or contract fee, we offer our merchandise at up to 40 percent less than our small business award programs warehouse competitors.
  • Portable – With an all-in-one integration available online, you can access the program from anywhere at any time.
  • Personalized – We delegate a web designer to work personally with your company. You make the decision as to what your employees see and access online through the service award program.
  • Quick – The small business service reward programs allow your employees to choose the thank you gift they would most like to receive. Once selected, we ship out their rewards fast and free of any shipping charges.
  • Quality Service – If ever there are any problems or concerns, we personally dedicate our staff to quickly resolving the issues. We take care of you and your team!

You won’t easily find a better company to partner with when it comes to rewarding your employees.

Find Out More Now!

To find out more information about the Point Recognition small business service reward programs available for your company give us a call today. We will assign a team manager specifically to you and your company. You and your Point Recognition team manger tackle all the questions you have from costs to integrating multiple small business service incentive programs for your company. Contact Point Recognition today!

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