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Employee Engagement in Healthcare

It is no secret that today’s healthcare environment presents unprecedented challenges for leaders, staff, and physicians. We are faced each day with new pressures that also seem to be hitting us at a record pace. Of the thousands of healthcare leaders, staff, and physicians with whom we have had an opportunity to work with over the years, a recurring theme is that we’ve been called to healthcare with a sense of purpose or mission. In most cases we are not pursuing our careers in healthcare driven by the desire to get rich or solely for personal financial gain.

Employee Engagement Trends

Nationally, Employee Engagement has remained stagnant between 2013 and 2016.

Managers report 3x higher levels of engagement than that of the teams they lead.

The top two drivers for keeping the right people are:

  • A hospital’s success at hiring the best-qualified person to fill a job
  • The degree to which staff members trust administrators

Only 39% of healthcare employees in our database are very satisfied with their immediate supervisor

While the pay and benefits dimension is the lowest scoring in the database, none of the items represent key drivers of Workforce Engagement.

43% of employees intend to stay with their organizations for the next several years.

Top 5 Drivers of Workforce Engagement

  1. The degree to which you trust administrators
  2. How well adminstrators direct the overall functions of this facility
  3. How well leaders treat, appreciate and support employees
  4. How well administrators understand the needs of your department
  5. How openly and honestly administration communicates

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