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Date: 5/11/2017
Edition: 1

This concise, informative e-newsletter is designed for cutting-edge business executives and management seeking the most effective ways to achieve goals through people.

Below you’ll find the latest news on this emerging field and how your organization can benefit. Feel free to contact us at 1.800.841.7850 for a quick introduction to this new field from the pioneers who helped found it and more specifically how it can potentially help your business or professional career.

What Engagement Business Execs Need to Know About Analytics

How often are you faced with having to make a business decision without the information you need? We know that information today is abundant and cheap, but that’s almost beside the point. The challenge is developing a way to analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions that enhance business performance, whether in sales, marketing, human resources, or operations. The consequences of decisions made in any of these areas obviously can have a major impact on a company’s finances as well. Savvy organizations invest real money in developing, training and compensating employees, and on focusing on the needs of customers and distribution partners, but they often lack insight into how their investments are paying off or how they could make better decisions regarding people. Reorganizations, new technologies or systems, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory changes and more can profoundly impact business performance. But how can you assess the risk or qualify the potential impact in advance so you can better prepare? Click here to learn more.

Enterprise Engagement: Foundation & Framework

Over the past several years, hundreds of leading companies have put top management in charge of customer and employee engagement strategies designed to find ways to increase customer loyalty and employee quality and productivity. More and more of these executives have the word “engagement” in their titles; for others its internal branding or customer experience or employee engagement. Organizations are spending more and more on outside experts, some now known as engagement agencies or consultants, who understand and/or can implement all of the elements that go into engaging any audience.

Enterprise Engagement is about achieving goals by fostering the proactive involvement of each and every customer, distribution partner, employee, vendor, or community member whose actions can affect results. Enterprise Engagement reflects the shift in emphasis from mass marketing to one-to-one-marketing. Driving the change is the growing ability of organizations to measure the impact of engagement through customer relationship management (CRM) and social networking, and the increasing recognition by top management that engagement can provide a competitive advantage. The Internet, combined with the ability for almost any organization to manufacture offshore, has reduced the traditional cost and service differentials between organizations. Today, even a little company can find a niche amidst the giants. Click here to learn more.

Breaking Down Silos

Enterprise Engagement requires the cultivation and participation of numerous constituencies, both inside and outside the organization. The time for serious brand engagement has come if organizations are going to retain the trust of employees and wider community, as both media and markets fragment into ever smaller niche areas. But it has to go further than just another HR campaign to briefly grab the attention of multi-tasking employees who have their day jobs to do as well as complying with whatever policy changes you want them to include this quarter. For an employer brand to work effectively, it needs to project itself to the wider community of business partners, advisers, ambassadors and advocates – not just its existing “customers.” But these groups need to receive a coherent message that’s in line with corporate values and very much “on brand.” Anything less looks unprofessional and careless; it suggests the organization is unable to think in a straight line or with any authenticity. Click here to learn more.

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