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Date: 5/11/2017
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This concise, informative e-newsletter is designed for cutting-edge business executives and management seeking the most effective ways to achieve goals through people.

Engagement is no longer a marketing buzzword. It’s a formal enterprise-wide process for strategically achieving key sales, marketing, profit, productivity, quality, safety, community, and other goals by fostering the proactive involvement of everyone critical to success.

The field has become so critical that ISO, the prestigious International Organization for Standardization, voted to approve the process for creating formal standards on engagement that could one day apply to over 1 million companies worldwide. Multiple groups of investors with over $15 trillion in capital are now demanding that public companies disclose human capital investments and the engagement of customers and employees.

Below you’ll find the latest news on this emerging field and how your organization can benefit. Feel free to contact us at 1.800.841.7850 for a quick introduction to this new field from the pioneers who helped found it and more specifically how it can potentially help your business or professional career.

ISO Approves Creation of Engagement Standards for Business

ISO standards followed by over 1 million companies worldwide may include standards for engagement in the coming years. The International Organization for Standardization has approved a proposal to create formal standards on engagement that could potentially apply to ISO quality standards 9001 and others involved with financial reporting, health care, and other fields. In 2015, ISO updated its quality management principles specifically to involve the engagement of all people – customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities – who touch an organization. Click here to learn more about the implications of these standards.

BlackRock Joins Ranks of Big Investors Focused on People

In his annual letter to CEOs around the globe, Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest investment company, boldly states that investments in people are critical to maximizing long-term value creation. His letter mirrors initiatives by other leading investment companies with combined assets of over $10.6 trillion, meaning that with BlackRock’s $5 trillion in investments, there are now investors controlling over $15 trillion in assets focused on investments in people. See: Momentum Grows for Human Capital and Employee Engagement Disclosures by Public Companies.

Enterprise Engagement: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Everybody’s talking about the importance of customer, distributor partner or employee engagement, but what specifically is the field of Enterprise Engagement and why is it critical to your organization and your career? Enterprise Engagement is the name for a new formal discipline that focuses on achieving organizational results by fostering the proactive involvement of customer, distribution partners, employees, vendors, communities, shareholders – all the people critical to organizational success. Extensive research proves that companies that effectively engage their people significantly outperform their competitors.

Why is it Called Enterprise Engagement?

The ultimate objective is to align everyone involved with your organization under a common brand definition so that every audience that touches your organization – from customers and distribution partners to employees, vendors and even communities – has similar expectations and an appreciation for what your organization stands for. This alignment increases the chances that everyone’s expectations will be met and can significantly improve the ROI of traditional leadership training, assessment, communications, learning, innovations, rewards & recognition and other engagement tools by focusing them on common goals of benefit to the entire organization and everyone who is part of it.

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