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Incentives that promote employee participation in safety-related activities are a powerful way to strengthen workplace safety and health.

With Point Recognition’s technology-driven platform, managing your safety incentive programs is simple and convenient. We make it easy to implement a safety rewards program that engages employees and encourages them to contribute to a safe, healthy workplace.

Benefits of an Employee Safety Recognition Program

The advantages of an employee safety awards programs include:

  • Promote worker participation in safety-related activities
  • Foster a culture of transparency and open communication about worksite hazards
  • Reduce workplace injury and illness rates
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs associated with insurance premiums, litigation, employee turnover and other expenses

Guidelines for Implementing a Safety Incentive Program

When launching a safety incentive program, you’ll need to pay attention to federal and state regulatory guidelines. The following are some of the questions you’ll need to consider:

  • Does your company have a workplace safety incentive program?
  • Does your workplace safety incentives apply to all employees, supervisors and first-line managers?
  • How are employee safety incentives determined?
  • Could any part of your workplace safety rewards program deter employees from reporting safety or health incidents?
  • Is your rewards program company-wide, or does it apply only to specific divisions or locations?
  • Is your safety reward program tax qualified?

Positive Incentives and Workplace Safety Rewards:

Encourage Employee Involvement in Safety and Health Activities

A positive incentive program encourages workers to report workplace injuries, illnesses, near-misses, or hazards. Examples of positive workplace safety incentives include:

  • Providing small gifts or rewards for employees who serve on safety and health committees
  • Offering points or other rewards for suggesting ways to strengthen workplace health and safety
  • Celebrating the successful completion of company-wide safety and health training by hosting a party or team-building event

Workplace Safety Award Ideas

Need ideas for your safety incentives programs? We can tailor a rewards program to your unique needs. Here are a few safety award ideas that have worked for our clients:

  • Perfect Record Award. Acknowledge departments or individual employees for consecutive months without an occupational injury or illness.
  • Hazard Recognition Award. Reward an employee that made a major contribution to reporting and correcting workplace hazards.
  • Safety Leadership Award. Honor those employees who show others the way by their exemplary record of safety in the workplace.
  • Safety Improvement Award. Celebrate locations or departments that achieved significant reductions in workplace injuries or illnesses that take time away from work.
  • Safe Driver Award. Recognize individuals who drive a certain number of miles or time without a motor vehicle collision or vehicle safety violation.

Useful Resources:

The following resources may be useful to you in an employee health and safety awards program for your workplace:

Revised VPP Policy Memorandum #5: Further Improvements to the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

In Defense of Safety Incentive Programs – EHS Today

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Success Stories

Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP)

Common Questions

Common questions about employee safety award programs:

What makes Point Recognition’s workplace safety awards program effective?

We provide a technology-driven, employee-centric platform for managing your safety incentive programs. That means you can tailor your incentive program to your organization. It also takes the hassle out of administering your awards program, which means you’re more likely to stick with it.

Is rewarding employees for avoiding injuries a good idea?

While these incentive programs are well-intentioned, they can be problematic because they may be a disincentive to reporting injuries or illnesses. Instead, consider positive incentives that reward employees for their efforts to promote a safe work environment.

What are some ways to encourage employees to participate in workplace safety activities?

OSHA suggests several examples of “positive incentives” – programs that reward employees for participation in safety-related activities. Examples include t-shirts for workers who serve on safety and health committees; modest rewards for suggestions to improve safety and health; or a recognition party upon successful completion of company-wide safety and health training.

Are Gift Cards part of a qualified safety reward program?

Unfortunately, NO! Gift Cards cannot be included in a qualified safety reward program. If your program is not qualified, your employees must pay income tax on the reward they receive. Fortunately, our point solution is part of a qualified program.

We love all of these ideas – although, we’d suggest a wider range of reward ideas, including gifts from popular merchants. Or better yet, why not give employees the freedom to choose their own rewards? We can help you design the safety reward program that’s right for you – click here to learn how.

Various studies have shown $1 invested in injury prevention returns between $2 and $6.

- National Safety Council, “Injury Facts,” 2014 Edition

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How Our Rewards Program Works

Employee Data

Easy. Either provide us with an Excel spreadsheet of your program recipient data or we will work with your team to establish a data connection. In addition, we work with all of the leading HRIS systems including: Workday, ADP, Paychex, IBM and many more.


We will send your program recipients a customized communication piece by mail, UPS or email.

Easy Access

Employees will be able to access their program through a SSO (Single Sign On) connection or with a username and password to redeem their points for millions of award options. In addition, they can stay connected with co-workers and your organizational goals.


Our administrative dashboard provides you will all of the necessary reporting and data points so you can ensure your recognition program stays on track.

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