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SHRM Research Spotlight: Employee Recognition

Key Findings

  • Most organizations (80%) have an employee recognition program. More than one-half (58%) provide recognition that is tied to their organization’s values, and HR professionals at these organizations are more likely to give higher ratings to their overall recognition efforts and service anniversary programs.
  • Employee recognition can help meet human capital challenges. Especially when employee recognition is tied to the organization’s values, it can have a positive impact on employee engagement (90%), happiness (86%) and relationships (84%), as well as add humanity to the workplace (85%).
  • The most common negative feedback from employees about service anniversary programs was an inadequate reward selection (32%). This was followed by the anniversary program lacking impact (30%), and being inconsistent (25%) and impersonal (20%).
  • Creating a more inspiring experience (35%) was the top advice from HR professionals for improving service anniversary programs. Other suggestions were to have more participation from (21%), colleagues and work friends (19%), and to provide better quality award choices (22%).

Prevalence of Employee Recognition Programs

HR Professionals Report Positive Effects of Employee Recognition Programs

HR Professionals' Rating: Overall Recognition Efforts

Negative Employee Feedback: Service Anniversary Programs

HR Professionals' Rating: Service Anniversary Program

HR Professionals’ Advice: How to Improve Service Anniversary Programs

Note: Percentages may not equal 100% due to multiple response options or rounding. An asterisk (*) indicates the option was developed from open-ended responses.

Methodology A sample of HR professionals with a title of manager or above was randomly selected from SHRM’s membership database. Overall, 823 responses were received. Data were collected in January and February 2015. The full findings are available in the SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Programs—2015.

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