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The Right Engagement Strategy Gets Real Business Results

If your organization faces a specific sales, marketing, human resources, or operational challenge—or has any issue that involves your people—engagement is your way to solving it.

Bring us your challenges

The Engagement Agency helps companies design formal engagement programs to achieve specific goals with a clear return on investment (ROI).

Our services are sold through a growing number of traditional marketing, management consulting, incentive, recognition, and other engagement solution providers seeking to provide new ROI-based programs to their customers. We apply the latest scientific principles that address all the levers of engagement to achieve your most critical organizational goals.

Here’s what to expect when you partner with The Engagement Agency

Get ROI-based program design Turn cost centers into profit centers Focus on goals—with no hidden agendas Leverage your current resources Pay for results and performance
We develop formal, research-based programs to achieve critical sales, marketing, human resources, operational, and community goals using the latest best practices and ROI measurements. We help your organization transform traditional investments in customer loyalty and referrals, sales and dealer incentives, and employee recognition into clear profit centers for your business. The Engagement Agency and our partners focus specifically on the strategies and tactics required to achieve your specific objectives—with a clear ROI goal built into every program we design for your business. Improve the ROI of current marketing, incentive, recognition, communication, coaching, learning, and other human capital investments by better aligning them to achieve your most critical business goals. Our ROI-based approach to program design means we charge only a minimal base fee for program creation, related services, and project management — with a pay-for-performance model that rewards us for success.

A fresh approach to achieving your organizational goals

Organizations spend over $100 billion a year to engage customers, distribution partners, sales and non-sales employees, vendors, and communities — yet engagement levels remain at all-time lows.

Most companies continue to use the same carrot-and-stick approach to managing customers and employees. They’re not considering the human element or the importance of having an integrated strategy to engage key audiences. They’re also not aligning and measuring the coaching, training, communication, and rewards and recognition dollars they already have in place. Why? The simple explanation is that the subject of Enterprise Engagement is relatively new and isn’t generally taught in business schools or covered by the business media.

A science-based strategy and plan

To help organizations achieve concrete goals, The Engagement Agency provides a framework and implementation process developed by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, a leading educational and training organization founded in 2008 and dedicated to creating a formal field of Enterprise Engagement. Available at no cost through the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, this framework and process provides a formal way to address human capital issues that can be measured in a way that is superior to traditional methods.

And new engagement strategies don’t have to involve a new budget or greater investment because they can draw upon dollars already spent on more traditional loyalty, training, and incentive programs. In fact, Enterprise Engagement practices often cost less over time and provide a clearer return-on-investment. What were once sales, marketing, and human resources cost centers can now become profit centers.

How we work to achieve your goals

1 We listen — your company is unique. 2 We develop a formal ROI-based plan. 3 We support implementation as needed.
Before you spend any money, tell us about your specific challenge and situation. We can provide a preliminary evaluation sufficient to give you a rough outline of a solution in a 90-minute call and subsequent analysis, with an answer within a week or less. We apply a formal process that determines the levers and tactics to be deployed, while identifying your in-house resources that can be leveraged to meet the goal. This process takes a week or less, not including follow-up research, data analysis, and creation of the formal report. Some clients can implement the plan internally. Others will need help. We help your organization specifically locate the resources you need to provide an integrated solution. This includes hands-on program management at whatever level of detail you require.

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